Dreamer by Sophie Zelmani

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Origin: Sweden
Genre(s): Unknown
Years active: 1995–present

"I'm Back...:)".B.G

Seasons, my friend.
Colour me so we can blend.
Forbid me to go,
I know so little about the wind when it blows.

Dreamer, dreamer.
I�m woking out of your dream.

Take me off that parade,
and place me somewhere in yours and so shades.
Your night shuts my door,
and I announce dream anymore.

See if I can pass by that waiting hand,
if I can pass by that wondering man.
If I can leave to get one,
see that it all make sense pretty soon.

Dreamer, dreamer.
I'm woking out there you go on.
(dreamer, dreamer)
Dreamer, dreamer,
I'll be where I belong.
(dreamer, dreamer)